10 Must-Have Travelling Items

10 Must-Have Travelling Items


Traveling can be made even more enjoyable if you have a peaceful mind and use some useful items. After you choose your destination to travel to, you did your shopping, the hotel or hostel is booked and the flight or train tickets are bought, you still might ask yourself what to pack. This is why we came up with a list of 10 most important items to pack for you. It will make your preparations much easier.


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1. Wallet

Spending money while travelling is a given. So a wallet is the most important item for your travels. You can store the local currency in it, hotel cards, your own credit cards, travel documents and other important stuff. Make sure that you have enough money to spend on your credit card or enough money in cash. One tip from is too have two wallets and store them in different bags. So when one gets stolen, you still have spare one. Another important tip is in case the ATM doesn’t work at the airport, is always good to carry some USD or Euros in your wallet.


2. Smartphone

Since the smartphone is often used as a camera is the second most travel item. We recommend contacting your smartphone carrier before departure and ask which fees you need to pay for calling and writing texts in your destination country. A good tip is also to buy a local SIM card. A lot of airports offer this kind of service for a low price. Store your original wallet, so it doesn’t get lost. If you have a brand new phone and you don’t want to carry to the beach for example in case it gets stolen, we recommend to carry another less valuable smartphone.


3. Keys

Your keys are one of the most important travelling items as well. Since you still have to get in your home once you return from the trip. It’s better to store them in your hand luggage and remember where you store them as you don’t use them during your trip. If you have a hotel safe, we would recommend to store them there. Also your hotel keys are very important. Best is to store them in a belt bag, so you always have your eyes on them.


4. Passport

Make sure to put your passport in your hand luggage and check if it is valid for six more months. Since most passport checks ask for that. Also keep the visa regulations in mind. European passports and the American passports don’t need a visa for most of the countries. It is always go to check the website of your Foreign office for more details.


5. Travel Pillow from FLOWZOOM



For a good sleep on the flight we recommend you to buy one of our travel pillows for the neck. With our travel pillows you can just lay back and enjoy the flight or train ride. Your head will not be bend forward. Also our travel pillow can be easily stored as a small cube in the included pouch, so you can carry it in your hand luggage. Our pillows are developed by German product designers, tested by experienced physiotherapists and have an ergonomic design. 


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6. Medicine

Better save than sorry, we all know this saying. Always carry your prescribed medicine with you and medicine for stomach ache, headache or any other issue just in case you are feeling under the weather. You can even make a little first aid kit with patches, pills against stomach ache and headache.


7. Guidebook

A lot of stuff you can look up online where for example to go eat the best breakfast in town, where to find a good hotel not far from the city center and so on but the real good recommendations only a guidebook like Lonely Planet can give you. They recommend places to stay for different budgets, places to eat local food alongside with informing you of the history of the place you stay.


8. Portable battery

On your travel a lot of stuff can go wrong. You don’t find the hotel or a looking for a good one once you arrive, so we advise you to take a portable for your phone in case your battery of your smartphone is running low. Conveying a compact battery with you consistently is probably the best thing to do while you travel. They are very useful with regards to dead gadgets like a PC, ipod or phone.


9. Sunscreen

On vacation especially in hot climates, you should always bring sunscreen. It will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You can already start applying it during the flight especially if you have a window seat on the plane. Once you are in sunny climate apply the sunscreen half an hour before you go out in the morning. This way your skin will stay unharmed. If you go to beach, buy a waterproof sunscreen.


10. Socket converter

The further you travel, the most likely is that your destination has different plug sockets. So always carry a multiple socket converter. Be aware that the volt range can differ from country to country. It’s best to carry at least two socket converters to recharge more than one device like laptop and phone.


We hope this list was helpful. Safe travels.





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