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How long does it take for an order to be processed?

Do not worry — if you order some days before your next travel journey, the products normally arrive on time. We try our best to process and ship your purchase as soon as possible. On average, this takes about 1 - 2 business days.

What's your warranty policy?

Every FLOWZOOM purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If there is any kind of problem with your FLOWZOOM product, feel free to contact us via our contact page and simply tell us what issue you have encountered. When we receive the item in its original packaging in good quality, we will provide you with a full refund for the purchased item.

What is the difference between size M and size L in travel pillows?

We recommend that people shorter than 1.70 cm, who have a smaller collar size, or have previously found most neck pillows to be too large, choose size M. For all others, we recommend size L. The good thing about  our pillow is that by choosing how tight you close the pillow, you can always find a suitable position to give you comfort. For kids we offer special kids version as well, which are suiting their needs.

Which is the smallest pillow when being packed?

Rolled up in the travel bag, the AIR pillow is the smallest one. As you can take out all the air, you can fold the pillow extremely small and fit it in every handbag or backpack. It has a height of less than 10cm when folded together. Also, it is the easiest to carry, as it only weighs 247 grams.

Is the fabric suitable for children?

Our kids pillows are made out of 100% breathable polyester and are not treated with any harmful substances and are suitable for children. Also the COMFY Kids pillow is being closed by buttons, so kids can not harm themselves by using the pillow. 

Can the neck pillows be used with large earphones?

We have put our pillows to the test and proven that they provide enough neck space, so as not to press the earphones up. This remains true even for the largest set of earphones. However, the DREAM pillow even has a little side pocket, in which you can store small earphones.

Which pillow should I use for a long plane ride?

We would like to recommend the AIR pillow, as it is specially designed to not push your head forward, when sitting in a plane seat. It has an extra small neck part to give your head support without disturbing with the plane's seat. Also you can take out all the air of the pillow and fold it extremely small, so it does not take any place in your limited storage room. Last but not least: the AIR pillow has a hood, so you can enjoy a dark and comfortable plane ride without being disturbed.

How can I wash my pillows?

It was one of our most important expectations toward the pillow: hygiene. On the backside of your travel pillow, you can find a zipper. When opening it, you can take out the inside of the pillow and wash the cover. We recommend a hand wash with hot water and soap. Make sure to let the cover dry really well, before putting the inside back in the cover. With every pillow, there comes a travel-bag as well, so you can secure your pillow from dirt, while traveling.

What is the main difference between the COMFY and DREAM pillow?

The main difference is the way of closing the travel pillows. The comfy can be closed by 3 different buttons, which enable you to close the pillow tighter or wider, just how you like it. The DREAM is closed with a band, that functions as a cord and can be pulled tighter or wider together. Other than the way of closing the pillow, the DREAM is a bit higher on the sides and has a little side pocket for headphones or earplugs.